About Backfire

Backfire is a game on Windows, currently found on itch.io and Steam.

Backfire has an Atari-like art style, complete with rudimentary sound effects.
Using either a keyboard/mouse or a gamepad, you'll traverse over 35 levels fighting not only enemies, but yourself.

Every bullet you fire will ricochet off walls. The more you shoot, the deeper you descend into the depths of bullet hell. While keeping your shooting to a minimum, also dodge enemy bullets that are equally dangerous and bouncy.

You aren't alone, though! You've got a friend that'll upgrade your ship, for a fee.
Just because the universe is in danger doesn't mean people don't have bills to pay.

To sum it all up, you will:

  • Fight a wide variety of different enemies
  • Play through more than 35 levels
  • Fight multiple unique bosses
  • Upgrade your ship with credits gained from killing enemies
  • Use explosives and charge-shots as subweapons

Just don't shoot yourself.

How to Download

Backfire can be found on itch.io and Steam. It can be downloaded on any Windows computer. Check out the links below to purchase & download Backfire!

Download from itch.io Download from Steam